Welcome to Epic Jobs

We’ve developed this site to help Teachers and Education Professionals find suitable jobs without the need to search an endless number of different job sites, newspapers or direct government listings.  Rather, our approach and firm ambition it to engage all known means of current Teacher job listing sources and bring them all into EpicJobs.org, thus making the process of searching for a job Simple.

To search for a job on EpicJobs.org is completely free.  You can sign up and submit your CV so that potential Schools or Education establishments that are registered with EpicJobs.org can look at your profile and make direct contact with you for future job placements.

We have two key resources page, one being the teacher resource page which includes CV template, key information to government sites etc.  The other resource page is a contact database for all Schools and Teaching Establishments in the UKAgain, all this resource is provided free of charge.

Nobody likes to be bombarded with messy, unclear websites, which is why we’ve intentionally kept our platform clean and free from confusion.

We hope you appreciate what we are trying to achieve.  If you are a candidate looking for a Job, we wish you all the very best of luck.  If you are a School or Teaching Institution, we hope that you find the ease of uploading jobs and reviewing CVs simple, clean and ultimately rewarding.

We’re open to feedback, please send this to help@epicjobs.org

The Team, EpicJobs.org