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Tools available to help with student engagement in the U.K.

It has become a priority for UK universities to discover ways to boost their UK students’ retention and engagement, students who find it difficult to graduate affects the reputation and of the school and also builds up extra cost both for the UK university and their sponsors.

The challenge of keeping students engaged has become more widespread and difficult to tackle bearing in mind the abundance of things like tablets, online games, social networks, pornography, and a lot more students have a lot of reasons to be distracted if they are not guided properly. These devices and trends were not founded to reduce student engagement; therefore, it is of a serious need for them to be deployed in the classroom to make learning more fun since they are what engages millennials these days, except pornography of course…

Some user-friendly tools that can be used by UK students to boost retention and engagement are,

  • SOCRATIVE: This tool uses a game format to motivate and trigger a response from students, the teacher can give instructions and questions that the students can answer with their phones and tablets and the teacher can seamlessly access everybody’s answer.  Learn more about Socrative here:
  • KAHOOT: With this tool, students are exposed to fast-paced multi-choice gaming with their device, the app allows you to create your template or use already made templates to instantly assess the performance of students through a detailed report of the answers of each student.  An amazing app that you can learn more about here:
  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM: This is a cool assistant for teachers, it has a friendly user interface just like other apps on the Google suite but moves a step forward to provide a platform for instructional activities, facilitating classroom discussions, distributing assignments and grading of tests.  Check is out here:
  • CHATZY: This tool helps the teacher to create a forum for student dialogue, where deep discussions can be held, questions can be responded to by anybody in the class and exit tickets can be easily generated. Registration is not necessary, simply create a virtual chat room and import your students there.  Find out more here:
  • ANIMOTO: This is an effective tool to boost self-confidence and expression for students. Students can share what they have learned by making short videos and sharing them with filters and songs that they like to make the clips thoroughly their own.  Take a look at Animoto here:
  • SEESAW: This tool enhances Teacher-Parent-Student relationship, students can create digital portfolios that they can share with their parents alongside the teacher’s feedback, thereby making parent-teacher communication effective.  It also has a recording and drawing tool that adds more fun and intrigue to the app.  Learn more about SEESAW here:
  • POWERSCHOOL LEARNING: This tool has gained a lot of positive feedback from teachers and adopts the power school grading program to access different platforms that can be used to give instructions and make assessments. It is an organiser that gives you a one-time login to your tools and apps.  Take a look here:



Trends in technology have made tools available for different reasons, these user-friendly apps are your gateway to effective UK student engagement in this digital age of multiple sources of distraction. Mastering them and having them at your disposal will not only enhance student engagement in the class but also make your job as a UK teacher less stressful.

Tell us what other applications you have found useful below.  By sharing your experience, we are working together to maintain the strong and successful attributes that makes teaching and learning in the UK so fruitful.

Note. You should conduct your own due-diligence of the aforementioned applications to ensure they meet with your needs.  EpicJobs aims to provide useful information that may be of use to UK students and UK Teachers, it accepts no liability of the use of Third-Party Applications.

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