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Set up a successful day by concurring your morning routine

In this chaotic world of teaching, we make sacrifices every day. More often than not, we put others before ourselves and before we know it our lives are running in autopilot. From the minute we wake up, to the minute we go to bed are minds are in constant demand with no way of switching off.

It is estimated that up to 40% of UK teachers end up leaving the profession and I have no doubt that one of the reasons is due to being burnout! Late night marking, early rises without taking the time to kick start your day the right way can lead to a whole world of problems.  So let’s combat against it by concurring the morning routine enabling you to smash the day!

Start your day the night before.

Decision fatigue, something we all suffer from without even knowing.  Decision fatigue is a lack of productivity caused by a growing amount of choices that we make each and every day.  A way to combat this is by prioritising your simple tasks the night before such as: what you will be wearing, eating for breakfast, a run through of what your day looks like and prioritising which tasks are important –  this allows you to kick start the day in a more relaxed, prepared frame of mind.

Physical activity

Exercise has to be the priority for everyone, not just teachers.  Healthy body = Healthy mind. However, as teachers we are in constant demand; working with students, colleagues, administration and not to mention dealing with parents – our energy levels are important. When we do physical activity it wakens our body, immune system and our minds so by doing a form of exercise in the morning like; a brisk walk, jog or yoga. We are kick starting the day the right way! Not to mention if the hectic day takes over and you don’t have time in the evening to exercise, its already done!

Put the phone down

In a digital age where we are receiving information from all angles, we are all guilty of checking our phones for; work emails, social media posts, news, and much more – from the minute we get up, to the minute we go to bed.  They say your mood for the day is determined in the first 8 minutes of you waking up.  So, when the first thing you do is check your phone, you are enabling outside factors to determine your mood before you’ve even had chance to have your own thoughts.  The power hour – I do not touch my phone for the first hour of me waking.  I go about my morning routine (Coffee, gym, shower) before my phone turns on.  By doing this I am determining my own mood and preparing myself for the day before anyone else is able to effect it.  Try it! It works wonders.

Take advantage of your commute

The morning/evening commute, what a waste of time…Wrong.  It’s a time of the day which you can take full advantage of and is another form of me time!  Whether your commute consists of a drive, walk or train that lasts 15 minutes or 50 – this is valuable time not to be wasted.  I download podcast episodes and audiobooks.  Now my mornings/evenings are spent being inspired, uplifted, and informed.  It de stresses me and puts my frame of mind exactly where I want it.

Using the above to your advantage is an excellent way to become a more efficient teacher in the UK, happier and allows you to grow personally and professionally.  Please let me know your thoughts below and feel free to share your morning routines which helps you concur your day!

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