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How to market yourself as a newly qualified teacher in the UK…

You are newly qualified teacher.  First of all, congratulations! The years of hard work have finally paid off. Whilst the celebrations are ongoing, you are looking to the future with a bunch of mixed emotions.  You are no longer a student yourself and the feelings of being both excited yet nervous to enter the working world can seem rather daunting.  We get it we have all been there! However, by being here it shows you are already looking in the right direction.

Correctly marketing yourself as a newly qualified teacher is critical in ensuring your teaching career gets off to the successful start it deserves. That is why we have put together a list of tips/tricks to help you launch this new chapter in your teaching career.

What makes you, you?

Last year there were roughly 451,900 full time equivalent teachers working in English state schools according to the BBC.  So how will you stand out? Simple, by being you!  Isn’t that what makes us all different anyway?  By sharing, the story of how and why you got into teaching is a simple yet effective way of marketing yourself.  It gives background to your career choice and helps to paint a picture of your passion for the job.

Be social savvy.

In a digital age where social media is either your friend or the enemy, it is critical that the image you portray online is the image you are trying to market yourself as today.  70% of employers check social media during the hiring process according to a CareerBuilder survey.  Therefore, the once funny picture of you at fresher’s week up to no good may not be so funny in the eyes of a potential or existing employer.  You never know who is looking, so it is certainly time to start being mindful of the digital footprint you leave behind.


Networking provides the perfect opportunity to market yourself.  Building a network is invaluable as it provides links to individuals and organisations who may be able to help you find an internship or graduate role.  Find networks related to your field or career interests.

Dress for the job you want.

With working in a UK school, the need for a uniform as a teacher is unnecessary (Depending on the schools uniform policy).  So the baggy hoodie you use to wear whilst revising can still be worn?  Wrong.  First impressions go a long way therefore, you need to dress for the job you want.  We are not saying dress like Mrs Traunch Ball but what we are saying is to be mindful of how you dress as it sets the tone for the classroom.  Dressing professionally shows that you take your job seriously and instills confidence from others.

I hope that using the years of training and the tips above, you are well on your way to launching your lucrative teaching career!

Let us know your thoughts below and if you have and advice for a fellow graduate teacher please feel free to share.

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