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How to keep your passion for teaching alive…

Enthusiasm in the class room is essential. It is infectious and the energy you provide daily to the children will be reciprocated, you are a product of your environment. Meaning, if you turn up daily with positivity and energy – the children will be the same. Turning up in that frame of mind might be easy at the early stages of your career or just as we return back to start a new term. But what do we do when the passion for teaching isn’t what it used to be?

The days seem to be dragging, you are watching the minutes pass by hoping the bell rings sooner rather than later (Except for on break) and the passion you once had for the job is starting to deteriorate.  Turning up to work energetic and positive is a tough ask, so what can you do? Well using the tips below, we aim to help you to re-ignite the passion.

Keep your sense of humour.

We all know someone who takes their job far too seriously.  Now imagine that’s your teacher… Boring I know!  So, don’t forget to keep your sense of humour – its life’s best medicine and a great way of becoming relatable and approachable in the classroom.  Kids make mistakes just as adults do, its ok to laugh sometimes about the small things.

You are a lifelong learner.

You have been teaching the same syllabus for years, you know it inside and out. You have pretty much completed teaching then? Wrong.  A great way to become interested and as a result interesting to other people is to learn something new!  Whether that’s school related or not, a great way to break a rut in life is to pick up something different, exciting and new. You’ll be surprised how quickly your passion returns.


A simple trait to have.  So why do so few practise it?  Compassionate teachers tend to be patient and optimistic and in my opinion the best.  You are more humanised and not just a hard faced scary teacher.  When a child turns up to school for the day, a teacher has no idea what challenges the child may have faced already that day.  Every child is unique and some maybe struggling with issues no child should have to.  School can be an escape for them so be the reason they want to turn up and give them something to look forward to.

Take time for yourself.

When you are so busy with your job it is easy to become overwhelmed and run down.  Autopilot and going through the motions day to day can cause your passion to dwindle away, it is important for your own mental health to take time for yourself.  Do the things you love to do, have your you time and before you know it the inner peace will have re activated the passion for the job.

I thing to main thing do to when you feel that the passion may be slipping away from your fingers, is to remind yourself why you choose this career in the first place.  Look at the faces of your students and remember that you are shaping their future.

How do you keep your passion for the teaching profession? Do you have any tips for teachers? Please share your thoughts, tips, and experiences with us. We would love to hear from you below.

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