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Career Opportunities for UK Teachers

Many prefer to see the teaching profession as a calling, which means that it is not for everyone.  After speaking with a collection of teachers, they tell us however that that the profession is an incredibly accomplishing role, specifically in developing young minds, shaping the next generation of professionals and experts, and being able to transfer their skills to an upcoming generation. The role of UK teachers is however also accompanied with various and often challenging amounts of marking, strict guidelines and long hours of work both in and out of school, which makes some people find it difficult undertake.

There are plenty of alternatives to teaching that such people or people who have retired from active teaching can consider and they are a follows:

Private Tutoring

If you are tired of the classroom setting, the strict guidelines or mounds of paperwork that you have to mark but still have a flair for teaching, then consider being a private tutor. With the boom in the UK private tuition industry, there are many opportunities for private tuition where you will generally have less work as compared to the classroom setting and also determine your own rate. These alternative offer flexibility, remote working, and a timetable to suit your work-life balance.

Corporate Learning and Development

The skills gathered from understanding how students learn and grow as people within a school environment, is transferable into the corporate environment.  These skills can help discover ground-breaking learning schemes for implementing development courses for corporate staff in a company. If this is what you are looking for there are a plethora of opportunities listed on the jobs board.

Student Learning Support

Are you an enthusiast and enjoy motivating students in the UK? Going solo can afford you the teacher a privilege to work within educational growth and development. This type of role is all-encompassing as it ranges from providing targeted support outside of the classroom and accompanying pupils to relevant therapy sessions that develop social or emotional skills.

Academic adviser

Because a teacher has a lot of experience in guiding students and working in the education sector, this puts the teacher in a good advisory position, with this, you get a chance to listen to Pupils and students aspiration so that you can guide them on picking their GCSE subjects or when making decisions about their future.

Education Liaison Positions

If you feel that you don’t want to be in the classroom, however would like to remain ‘relevant’ in the teaching industry, then working in teacher recruitment or an educational development company could be perfect for you. You can look into some companies that work behind the scene to promote national education which includes innovation in teaching, teacher recruitment and student support.

Human Resources

The duties undertaken by HR professionals are to prepare and update employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting and termination of staff.  It also includes explaining human resources policies, procedures, laws, and standards to new and existing staff. With the interpersonal skills developed as a teacher, this diligent role could be perfectly suited.


The experience, qualifications and notably the emotional intelligence developed as a UK Teacher will help you compete in a variety of career moves, as well as to expand into same sector private career moves.  Needless to say in the UK there are numerous teaching opportunities.  Search the jobs board today to find your next perfect career move.

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