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Work-Life Balance for UK Teachers

UK Teachers… Let’s have a little heart to heart talk. So after work, you go and collect your kids from school, prepare dinner and prepare them for the next day in school either by assisting them with assignments or projects, then you try to put them to bed. Finally, around 10 pm you are ready to sleep and while lying in bed, you remember a report you promised to write and submit the next day so you drag your tired self out to do something about it.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Ok the key is this, do not be a people pleaser at your workplace, do the right thing at the right time, any extra work can come if you are genuinely free to take it, pleasing people in your workplace will cut the time you have for yourself and your family, so here are some tips to help UK teachers achieve a better work-life balance.

Sort out your priorities, make a list of everything you have to do including family responsibilities and personal commitments and decide how and when you want to execute them, this will help you to decide between taking the kids to the cinema or making a detailed lesson plan.

Do not always say yes, find a way to politely say to people that you won’t be able to take on a particular task, if the person is a sincere person, your politeness and sincerity will be appreciated. It could be hard the first time but the sooner to start to accept ONLY the things you can comfortably execute, the better for you.

  • Set aside sometime every week where you are off from house chores or work commitments, read a relaxing book, watch some television, go for a walk – whatever it takes to relax!
  • Surround yourself with positive comments, for instance, instead of saying “If I don’t get this marking done, I won’t be able to see my friends this weekend.” say: “I’ll just finish this marking and then I’ll contact my friends.” a small change in your attitude towards yourself can have a profound impact to how you perceive situations.
  • Live in the present. no one is saying that you should not plan your retirement but planning retirement is different from worrying about what-ifs, anxiety or stress, so try to focus on immediate actions and those actions that you control or influence.
  • Steer clear of staffroom gossip and politics, it is entirely unproductive and will only breed negativity in your life – tell people your simply not interested in petty chit chat and gossip.
  • Find someone to talk to when you want to talk.  Remember the old age adage ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’.  You may not receive the advice that can help; however, you’ll likely feel better by talking through the issues or problems you are facing.
  • Silence all notifications that do not need urgent attention, including emails, this can distract you – incredible achievements can be made when you focus!

Teaching is both an intelligent and mentally demanding job.  Following the advice above will help you to effectively manage workloads and improve your work-life balance.

Please comment below with what has worked for you as UK teacher in creating a work life balance.

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