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What do teachers in the UK do during the summer holidays?

It’s the remaining 2 minutes before the final bell is set to ring, all the students have already packed their bags, they can’t wait, they even wish you can let them go before the bell rings, they are very excited but on the other hand, you are already missing them, mainly because that will be the last time they will be in your class, when school reopens, you will have to deal with getting to know a new bunch of kids.  As they rush out of the door, you come out to see the excitement as they run away from you and suddenly you catch the gaze of another teacher and that’s when you realise that summer has started.

These are some of the things UK teachers do during the summer holidays.

  • Stay Up Late and Sleep In: there is no restriction as to when to go to bed, every teacher wants to flex the late hours before if they got invited to a night event, they’ll politely tell you “I’m sorry, its past my bedtime”. But during the summer holiday, teachers wouldn’t mind stretching it to 11 pm and waking up anytime, but out of habit, they will always wake up early but the good thing is that no Alarm woke them up.
  • Sweet Escape: you see, when school is in session, a teacher except in an inevitable event cannot leave the town, so during the summer holidays, teachers may not travel to 1,000 locations, but they have already planned out 2 or 3 places to visit, they look around and if necessary observe and take note of things to share with their students when school reopens.
  • Chill: even though many of us have kids who will also be on holidays with us, we try to make the best out of relaxation time, some of us will send them to their cousins or some holiday resort so that we can enjoy some peace at least for a day or even a week, during which we can watch a movie, read a book outside school curriculum in the park or simply find some time to relax.
  • Side gigsand Hobbies: Some teachers get overwhelmed with the free time that they begin some certification program, take up summer jobs like online teaching, private tutoring and any cool summer gig.  The good thing about this is that if they choose to work, it always at their terms.  Some also play tennis, swim or any hobby that makes them happy.
  • Decorating and organising their classroom: Every teacher is blessed with the gift of being an interior decorator, I mean they spend 8 hours every day in that classroom so they have a dwelling instinct to make it look inspiring for themselves and the students. When school was in session, there is a probability that certain things have been shifted from their original position. Teachers research how to decorate and organise their classroom in preparation for the new school year.

Final thoughts

Every teacher has 1 or 2 things in the least that keeps him or her busy during the summer, students unconsciously feel that during holidays that teachers are returned to the warehouse until school reopens and that is why some get excited and surprised to bump into them in the local town, or parks. The truth is that teachers always enjoy their Summer.

As a Teacher in the UK, what do you get up to?  Share your comments below.

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