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Tips to improve communication between UK Teachers and Students

Having a strong communication strategy is an important part of being a good teacher in the UK, the ability to convey information and make boring or difficult topics enjoyable and easy to comprehend by students goes a long way to foster respect and a strong relationship between the teacher and the students. Building an engaging and focused teaching atmosphere demands a continuous and effective communication and that is why we have compiled the following useful tips lists:

Be an Active Listener

A vital part of communication is being a good listener to your students. It is very important for teachers to listen to their students in order to understand their ideas and line of thought. By being an active listener, you will develop empathy and understanding for the students and be able to ascertain whether you are being understood while you teach them.  Students opinions and views will feel appreciated and this will go a long way towards strengthening relationships.

Create a Supportive Environment

Creating a supportive environment by showing students that you are approachable if they need additional attention and support goes a long way in making students feel that their needs are being met. Students have different intellectual capabilities and learning speeds which makes the need of you the teacher operating an open-door policy very vital. This also means making the students comfortable to ask questions in the classroom without feeling mocked.  Another great way is by organising group projects where the students have to work as a team instead of in segmentation, potentially creating unnecessary competition and stress.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

This goes a long way to build self-confidence and esteem among the students within your class. Remember the saying “credit where credits due”, even in times of frustration with your students’ behaviors, place emphasis and appreciation on the good things that the student does. Focusing on the things done wrong will demotivate students and can derail their learning process.

Your commending efforts should be 100% at all times, it will strengthen rapport and develop a sincere mutual appreciation.

Use Visual Stimulation to Nurture Creativity

If you are teaching the younger generation, it is recommended that you use visual representation to teach them instead of relying solely on written information. A very effective approach is by installing school picture boards (cork boards, whiteboards etc) in your classroom so that you can display pictures, artwork, school projects and anything else that will liven up the room. This will spark creativity in students, accelerate enthusiasm and potentially open a dialogue between you and your students. Inspired students are more active in the learning process and this will strengthen communication with the teachers.

Challenge Students with Interesting Work

If a student is excited by the topic or task that is being undertaken, it will challenge them and creates a vibrant communicative environment between the teacher and the student. Giving them tasks that are challenging goes a long way to develop problem-solving and analytical skills needed in the future life of the student.


Communication is a very important skill for every student and teacher, despite the advancement in technology and the changes in the traditional ways of teaching, teachers should be mindful and interested in ways and practices that will foster a healthy learning relationship with their students in the classroom. When this is achieved, both learning and teaching become fun and interesting.

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