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The UK has the best teachers in the world. Here are just a few reasons why!

The UK is the hub and center of modern western education, as a matter of fact, modern school curriculum originated from the UK dating back to the 1500s. Since then through the expansion of the British Empire, the UK gathered a lot of information and experiences and the UK has also carried out a lot of research that has informed their educational system and made it one of the best in the world. There are a couple of reasons why the UK has the best teachers and I will discuss them briefly below.

Disciplined and professional: Discipline is paramount in every profession, anybody who has had the opportunity to live in the UK will recall that law and order are what UK citizens are known for when compared to other places. As a UK teacher, you bear the sole responsibility of leading by example and teaching your students the methods and curriculum of classwork with a clear exhibition of professionalism because, after graduation, the students should have learned enough from the UK teacher to enable them to thrive in a country like the UK.

Willingness to Put in the Extra Time: UK teachers work more hours than their colleagues in other countries, according to a study by the Varkey Foundation for educational charity, it was discovered that UK teachers work 50.9 hours every week as against 45.9 hours recorded from 35 other countries that participated in the survey, the extra hours does not directly relate to the pay as the starting salary of secondary school teachers is £5,000 less than the other 35 countries annually.

Despite this huge gap, the result is that you see devoted and professional adults in the classroom who have a passion for their job, people who are there because they love to impart knowledge and not some bunch of adults who delved into teaching because they were looking for ways to leverage their economic and financial challenges.

In-Depth Content Knowledge: A UK teacher by the extra time spent on school activities and the passion for the profession has more time to do research, read books or engage in activities that will help him or her to strengthen their knowledge base on the subject at hand. So if for instance that it is Mathematics teacher, the teacher sees themselves going through a couple of mathematics problems so that they can solve any problem that comes up in class and also possess the versatility to formulate any question during examination instead of repeating questions from previous exams.

Understanding: A class of 20 students has 20 different individuals with 20 different ideals, UK teachers are family-oriented people who understand the stages of growth and development in children and as such fashion their practices to jointly cater for every student while paying close attention to the few that needs a little more patience. This cannot be easily achieved by someone who has no passion for the job or someone who does not have a good rapport with children.

Look no further than Andria Zafirakou, a teacher based in a School in London, UK scooped the prize of the ‘Worlds Best Teacher’ and was handed a cheque for $1million dollars (about £730k) in the process.  Check out her inspiration journey on the Independents website here.

In short, the UK creates and most importantly retains the worlds best Teachers.  Share your comments and experiences below.

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