Teacher of Mathematics

Colton Hills Community School

Colton Hills Community School – Wolverhampton – . We are a school with a real family feel, with a strong House ethos that underpins our work. We know that having successful students starts with having a happy and well-supported staff. We are very much committed to our teachers having a fulfilling work-life balance, with an email policy that respects family time, careful management of our time budget to eliminate unnecessary meetings, a reduction in the amount of data we collect and an evolving marking policy designed to give teachers their lives back….

We have adapted our appraisal system to prioritise professional development over data targets because we want our teachers to be satisfied in their work and judged fairly on their commitment to our school. Our outcomes show that we are a successful school, with positive Progress 8 scores in our past three academic years. With a healthy financial picture and strong school governance in place, we are now seeking to expand our staff to create the best possible experience for our students every day… – Permanent – Full-time

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