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How to teach UK students the art of ‘Decision Making’

As a UK teacher, how do you teach your students the art of decision making? This is important because it will enhance the learning speed of students and also help them to make choices as soon as possible at critical junctures in their life.  Now follow me while I discuss some tips on how to teach these students the art of decision making.

Allow Them to Choose

You can give them options in order to guide their choices, you can tell them the benefits of certain options as well as the significance of certain options and then allow them to make the choices based on their judgement.  If they make what you think is not the best decision, explain your thought process to help guide them and potentially adjust their choice.  If the student makes the right decision, compliment him or her, it helps boost their self-confidence.

Do not Rush Them

The Art of decision making is not something learned as fast as 1,2,3. Therefore do not rush their decision making, give them enough time to decide and grant them some space to make adjustments to their decisions, assure them that you are always there for them and operate an open door policy.

Make them Responsible

These kids are sometimes born to very busy parents, the school is an environment for learning both academic and moral lessons, therefore as a UK teacher, practice the art of giving the students a level of freedom, replace rules for values. Teach them how to look after their belongings, rotate the duty of the pupils and assign certain leadership assignments to them, believe they can do it and provide feedback – do not make it look like an error, make it look like a better option.

Show them that you trust them

The art of impact knowledge is done more by teachers than parents so show the students that you trust in their decision, even when they make the wrong decision, share your thoughts but run a quick tour with their decision so that they can see where it would’ve gone wrong.

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